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  • January 2017

A New pricing in the current connected economy : Simplified Price Management and Renewed Pricing Optimization for SAP

Managing pricing is one of the best but least utilized improvement strategies. Most of the pricing projects failed or did not take off, though an effective price management proved essential in the current connected economy. People still depend on old traditional pricing strategies. Exorbitance of the pricing products and endless consultancies are the key reasons behind it. Another factor is the uneasiness of shifting to an entirely new paradigm. Moreover, most of the current pricing strategies are often confusing which makes it difficult for the sales team to optimize profits and give competitors a chance to undercut their prices. The hassle of downloading data is yet another hurdle that results in missing out on deals and opportunities.

A research of pricing managers, price analyst and consultants from SAP customers shows a gap between their current scenario and expectation

Out-of-the-box algorithms Better, Simpler Intuitive solution Margin expansion with fewer process changes Out-of-the-box functionalities Fit for the new connected economy New pricing strategies Better visibility, data access and mobile 22% 42% 51% 84% 72% 48% 72% Expectation 24% 51% 67% 54% 72% 30% Failed Pricing Projects Traditional pricing strategy Pricing product and consultancy cost Reluctance to change Lack of profit optimization Excess downloading of data Status Quo SPOSEA c

It is essential for the B2B and B2C companies that operate pricing in the connected world to have a flawless pricing strategy that can fill these gaps. In fact, a worthy pricing product , architected with out-of-the-box functionalities along with a set up on existing ERP or other ‘system of records’ and technical alignment with their current IT infrastructure is in need. It must be capable enough to leverage pricing data available in their ERP systems or manufacturing, production or CRM systems. A user-friendly and sophisticated solution can help to have margin expansion with fewer process changes and help one to move to a standardized and integrated solution. A better, simple and intuitive pricing solution that can boost profits is in demand. It is advisable to use simulation to see the effectiveness of Price Data changes before executing new Prices. An out-of-the-box algorithm is in need to optimize profit through pricing, sales and procurement processes. A solution to visualize customer’s critical information anywhere on any device without downloading the data is also essential to win the deal.

While most of the pricing projects fail or even do not take off, SPOSEA presents its BrightPrice products for organizations which have SAP as their primary ERP system. We ponder a new path, a multifaceted solution for our core innovative customers in their SAP enterprise landscape. Together with our customers we found out that a significant excerpt of knowledge is already embedded in their SAP system. Our aim is just to unlock that data in an elegant way so that it can be used in the modern economy, ‘an out-of-the-box solution.’ You do not confront with heavy technological transition as there is no reinventing of the business processes or pricing strategies. Because of the seamless setup on top of SAP software and technical alignment, there is a low risk deploying the ad-on solution. There are no lengthy implementations or consultancy projects. The solution has been architected in such way that all functionalities are out-of-the-box. Moreover, we leverage pricing data available in SAP ERP systems and so there is no reinventing of the wheel by transporting data into a black box. Instead we use the formulas already embedded in your latest SAP technology. This technological compatibility guarantees the solution that works out-of-the-box.


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