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  • Apil 2017

Price maintenance in SAP software

A coherent, transparent, and affordable pricing method has become a necessity, in the modern day that faces pricing complexity. The changing market conditions look out for a scalable solution that can optimize, maintain and simulate price data in the SAP system. A crucial pricing assistance that is easy and simple to handle without much of the IT intervention would be of great support for the B2B companies.

The management of pricing data in the SAP is a tedious job. At times, it is taken out of the SAP ERP system and then harnessed. Downloading data, third party interface and custom software, are all tough to handle. How does it become possible to set, maintain and optimize price without taking it out of the ERP system has become a common question.To take data out of the ERP system and then working on it, to simulate and optimize is not an easy job. We need to have a simple and fluid method to figure out the whole process.

We must look out for a solution that is capable enough to drive an effective deal management that can boost profit margin and leave a direct impact on the revenue. It is expected to have pricing adjustments synchronized with SAP modules, so that the whole process becomes hassle free. A higher level of automation can give a better result with less manual errors. And above all it must be open to seamless application of the trending pricing conditions.

All these practicable ideas are recommended quite often, but then they are not implemented as expected. The customers cannot execute or run it themselves. They need the support and assistance of the IT wing to proceed further; if at all the solution is introduced to them. They lack a fluid user experience. A secure and easy accessibility become just a dream. The modern day technologies and advancements are expected to get things done at a faster pace and simple manner. However, only 5% - 12% of the companies let it happen. Even out of this small percentage, how many of the topmost leaders have their time and space for their customers?

The current situation demands a platform that can meet the needs of the customers without much intervention and influence of the IT. It must be able to provide a tangible user experience so that the customers can access it securely from anywhere on any device without much assistance from the technical team. It must be quick to value, easy to be installed, self-helping and functioning fluid in order to handle the price maintenance hassle free.


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