EPP Manufacturing Pricing Forum 2022 including aftermarket / spare parts: Pricing in a Volatile World 13 – 15 June 2022– Amsterdam

Pre-Forum Workshop – 13th June 2022

LOCATION : Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Description :

Workshop 4: What Pricing Managers and Directors need to know regarding SAP and their strategy and new S/4HANA
The majority of large(r) organisations in Manufacturing use SAP as their system of record and where Pricing functions are done through the SD module. Do you recognise the cumbersome way to work with it, partly due to how the solution has grown all kinds of directions and often lacking one way or consistent way of working? Just selecting and implementing an external (cloud-based) pricing solution is not the holy grail. This workshop focusses on SAP’s strategy and how to capitalise on current ECC and new S/4HANA instead of fighting with it. SPOSEA’s specialists in Pricing, Rebates and SAP will moderate this workshop. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to translate your current or future pricing strategy into SAP ERP without or in combo with an external pricing solution
  • What you do not learn is the details how to set up SAP, don’t worry
  • What you will learn is about master data set up, pricing schema’s and access sequences mirroring not just cost plus pricing but also modern strategies, using real life use cases
  • You will learn about how to benefit from new Rebate functions in S/4HANA making potential existing add-ons unnecessary or limited

Walter Wijnands, Chief Executive Officer
Gauthier Victor Principal Consultant, Rebate Management and SAP
Sathya Kumar Hari, Principal Consultant, Pricing and SAP