• February 2020

Pricing Optimization and Management with SPOSEA BrightPrice HANA

At SPOSEA, we are working with Financial Professionals to improve the utilization of their SAP investments by digitally transforming their Pricing Optimization & Management processes.

Why do we do it?

Because managing pricing in SAP is a nightmare. Organizations working around their SAP tooling our losing time, money and are not in control. With the new HANA in memory capabilities and SPOSEA’s SAP SD and HANA expertise, a business running on SAP can make huge steps in the effectiveness of their pricing management and optimization.

What do we do?

We analyze the pricing and supportive processes through interviews in depth intelligent analytics to.
Understanding the way things are done to succeed (culture) in an organization is key to any transformation.

We are SAP pricing Sales & Distribution technical and functional experts and also analyze how the SAP tooling is being used to optimize and manage pricing.

Often we see how the system is being avoided by upload and download routines combined with Excel based analytics. There is a better and more sustainable way to make the most of your SAP investments and make pricing optimization and management easier, quicker and truly value adding.

How do we do it?

Using our latest BrightPrice HANA applications, we can support their Plan Do Check Act cycle through:

  • data science analytics
  • improved scenario planning & margin management
  • automated condition management
  • CRM integrated CPQ, authorization and governance

All fully integrated with SAP ECC, HANA and SAP Cloud Platform.

Stop the Excel Hell !!!


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