We help SAP customers with plug-and-play solutions for simplifying Price Data Maintenance, Optimization, Deal Management.

Purpose built for supported platforms

Our way of managing prices within SAP is embedded within SAP itself. This native approach to pricing activity captures the necessary pricing data needed over time for trend analysis. Our in-system pricing eliminates the need to move and manipulate your transaction data every time you set or amend a price.

Most Efficient Pricing Solutions

Harness the power of pricing data maintenance, simulation and optimization in any SAP module in real-time. No downloading, no third-party interface or custom software. Built on native technologies and integrated into E-Commerce platforms or SAP. SPOSEA's BrightPrice is the most efficient Price and Deal management, simulation and optimization solution available to SAP customers.

We don’t re-invent the wheel

We leverage pricing data already available in SAP Software. Designed as an out of the box solution, the BrightPrice solution suite does not require lengthy implementation or endless consultancy to move the data. We do not need custom interfaces or batch upload/download. Get an intuitive user experience securely accessible from anywhere on any device.

Business-critical system built to increase margins and profits

Pricing Adjustments

Pricing adjustments are always in sync with SAP modules

Higher level automation

Higher Level of automation, eliminates human error

Scalable pricing

Scalable, new pricing conditions can be applied seamlessly

Experience the best of breed solutions built by SPOSEA