Driving profitability by SIMPLIFYING Price Data Optimization, Management & Execution. Enabling the SAP® software ecosystem with enterprise-wide Price & Deal Management, increasing margins through optimized prices.

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BrightPrice Manager®

BrightPrice Manager provides an affordable  solution for SAP Software which gives you powerful features for optimizing, maintaining and simulating price data in a controlled environment.

BrightPrice Optimizer®

BrightPrice Optimizer, a intuitive, pricing optimization & predictive analytics suite for the SAP software ecosystem designed to make it simple to optimize your prices to maximize profit.

Powerful Customer Price Quotation for SAP software


BrightPrice DealManager®


BrightPrice DealManager, one cockpit for fast and efficient Customer Price Quotations.

Generate quotes faster – Accelerate the sales cycle

Improve CPQ efficiency using a familiar interface

Boost overall margins by analyzing and fine tuning sales effectiveness

Pricing Data Maintenance for SAP software

Manage your pricing data with BrightPrice Manager

Stay ahead of the competition and stay profitable by being able to manage pricing data for all your products contained in your SAP software landscape. Pricing can be challenging because of complexity. We provide visibility into complex pricing scenarios. We give you the ease and effectiveness managing your pricing data in SAP software landscapes, so you can focus on planning and growth! BrightPrice Manager is an affordable software solution with a fast ROI and low Total Cost of Ownership.


Providing SAP® software customers enterprise-wide Price Management, increasing margins through optimized prices.

BrightPrice Manager, is a comprehensive pricing solution that manages everything for the buy- and sell-side, while leveraging the core SAP ERP architecture. Our solution covers price administration, deal management, price execution, price simulation, analytics and reporting. No black boxes, no interfaces,  so you finally have direct access to the pricing data in order to effectively simulate, optimize, maintain & manage. We support many different pricing dimensions, including multidimensional pricing. Read about our features.

Acknowledging the power of SAP software by providing userfriendly SAPGui or UI5 layouts and intuitive functionality allowing users to adjust prices without delay, and providing the ability to execute mass pricing maintenance and eliminating hours of manual processes.


Define a project and control Price Conditions

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Extract Pricing Data from SAP software

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Release new Pricing Data in SAP software

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Approval of adjusted prices based on rules

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Predictive analytics of pricing data

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BrightPrice Manager is a third-party SAP solution from Sposea that is compliant with SAP standards and conventions for packaging and deployment. Uses its own registered SAP namespace.

BrightPrice Optimizer can be deployed with HANA Cloud Platform As A Service, being a packaged cloud application distributed through partners or directly from SPOSEA.

BrightPrice Manager & BrightPrice Optimizer can be deployed ON PREMISE  using SAP ECC or the SAP HANA Platform, using your infrastructure, managed by you.

SPOSEA provides total Freedom in choosing the right License Model. For a Pilot or Online Demo of BrightPrice Manager, please contact us directly for an appointment.

Shorten the cycle of Pricing Data Optimization by eliminating the need for up and downloads

Use Simulation to see the Effectiveness of Price Data changes before executing new Prices

Integration with SAP software, Easy and Fast Access to Pricing Data without the need for Black Box Setup

Achieve More with Less Resources by taking IT complexity out of the equation

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