BrightPrice Deal

Powerful Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution integrated with SAP ERP and the leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365. All the information needed during customer quotations, negotiations and price list updates, available at your fingertips.

Optimize customer pricing & generate winning quotes in no time

Ensure that your customers have sound pricelist agreements in place and that quotations are spot on.
Avoid the hassle of manually downloading data, waiting for updates or missing out on opportunities.
View, analyze and update everything at a glance - no need to miss out on deals any longer.

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SPOSEA offers the most powerful tool for company representatives to visualize customer’s critical information. Our unique Customer Price Quotation (CPQ) solution resides in SAP. It helps you to work with current SAP conditions and gives you the most accurate data without downloading it and allows you to generate winning quotations and contracts.

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SPOSEA’s BrightPrice Deal includes all the functionalities that a SAP customer needs for managing customer related pricing data, whether using SAP’s latest S4/HANA itself or together with SAP ECC or any other SAP component. Have the real time guidance access instantaneously, based on source data from your SAP system.


Analytics needed for an Effective creation of quotations and the order creation process is built into BrightPrice Deal. Customer Fact Sheets includes detailed statistical information, information on net value of incoming orders, net sales, credit memos, last quotations and orders, open sales orders, open deliveries and open billing documents; customer backorders; credit relevant information like credit limits and commitments, which are part of our standard CPQ solution.

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Our solution includes functionalities for generating quotes faster; accelerating the sales cycle; improving CPQ efficiency using a familiar interface; and boosting over all margins by analyzing and fine tuning sales effectiveness.

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Based on SAP Business Technology Platform, BrightPrice scales with your organization and remains performant. With its own cloud-based pricing engine, BrightPrice can also help to reduce the load on your SAP ERP system.

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Segregate access for user according to your organization’s policy. Implement smart approval workflows, taking into account the business impact of a price change.Empower your teams to focus on the important tasks.

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