SPOSEA acquires ICE, expanding its SAP pricing capability beyond design and tooling

Strategic Synergy: Uniting Expertise for Digital Commercial Excellence

SPOSEA Holding B.V., a prominent provider of SAP digital pricing software, has recently completed the acquisition of Integrated Commercial Excellence B.V. (ICE™), an esteemed consultancy specializing in sales, marketing, and pricing management. The acquisition was finalized on August 24, 2018. This marked a significant milestone for SPOSEA, fortifying its position as a comprehensive provider of end-to-end solutions for digital commercial excellence.


Empowering the Digital Commercial Journey

“This acquisition enables SPOSEA to offer clients holistic support throughout their digital commercial excellence journey,” remarked Walter Wijnands, CEO of SPOSEA.

“Whether clients require assistance in developing pricing strategies, implementing pricing tools, optimizing processes, or transforming operations across commercial, operational, and financial functions, we are equipped to assist at every stage of the journey.”


Innovative Fusion: Pioneering Solutions for Enhanced Performance

The integration of ICE’s expertise into SPOSEA’s portfolio heralds an era of exciting opportunities. Phil Coady, Partner of ICE, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Combining our capabilities allows us to merge cutting-edge pricing technologies with innovative business approaches, resulting in scalable solutions that deliver tangible performance improvements.”


Unlocking Potential: Empowering Collaboration for Operational Efficiency

The strategic alliance with ICE enables SPOSEA to introduce advanced digital pricing innovations to its global clientele of SAP users while offering comprehensive commercial excellence services to existing clients. “It’s all about fostering better collaboration between people and modern pricing technologies to enhance operational efficiency,” added Walter Wijnands.


Unified Solutions: Driving Growth with BrightPrice

Operating under the SPOSEA brand, the amalgamated entity will offer the BrightPrice suite of digital pricing tooling, alongside commercial excellence expertise and transition services.


About SPOSEA: Pioneering Profitability Through Simplified Solutions

Headquartered in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, SPOSEA is committed to enhancing profitability by simplifying price optimization, management, and execution within SAP software environments. SPOSEA empowers companies utilizing SAP software with enterprise-wide price and deal management tools, enabling them to augment margins or market share. The BrightPrice suite comprises BrightPrice Manager and BrightPrice DealManager, a dynamic pricing software platform poised for innovation and growth.

For more information, please visit www.sposea.com or contact: info@sposea.com.


About ICE: Driving Commercial Success Through Integrated Solutions

ICE, headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, partners with B2B clients around the world to improve sales and marketing effectiveness. By identifying what works best in an organization and building on those strengths, they develop practical approaches to improve commercial performance through the integration of people, processes, and modern (commercial) technology.

ICE is an official implementation partner for Zilliant in Europe, helping organizations make the sales & marketing transformations necessary to gain the maximum ROI from the Zilliant AI-based pricing SaaS platform.

For more information, please visit www.commercialexcellence.co or contact: info@intcommexc.com


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